Shipping Policy

Schedule: When you order a spider, it will be shipped out the following Tuesday, unless conditions are deemed unsafe for their travel. We will notify you if there are any changes in the shipping schedule.

Delays: Jumping spiders are sensitive to temperature extremes. In case of extreme weather conditions, or unforeseen circumstances that may jeopardize the well-being of the spiders (such as molts), we may delay the shipment until suitable conditions prevail.

Shipping: We ship our spiders through Reptiles Express to ensure your spider arrives as quickly and safely as possible. We offer Overnight or 2Day shipping through their partnership with Fedex.

Live Animal Guarantee: We guarantee live arrival if sent by Priority Overnight only. Delays happen more frequently with 2Day shipping. Overnight is the safest route with minimal times in a hot/cold truck without weatherproofing.

*Once that your spider has left our hands, we can not be responsible for delays during shipping times.*

DOA (Dead On Arrival) Policy: If your new friend didn't make the Priority Overnight journey to their new home, you need to contact us with proof within two hours of delivery. Please ensure the spider is brought inside immediately after delivery. If DOA, we will send a replacement on the next shipping cycle, or provide store credit.

Regions: We only offer shipping in the continental US, and to states where the imports of spiders is allowed.

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